06 February 2007

The Heart of the World

Several thousand year old trees bulldozed to make room for the West Bank wall.
This photo must be the one that says a thousand words. Israel (not necessarily the State, rather the area in and around Israel) is the heart of the world, the most ancient of lands, the Holy Land. Whatever happens there ripples out to all other areas where it is felt and replicated. Whatever happens in other areas is compounded several times in Israel.

This wall indicates failure of the human spirit to shine forth through the dross of selfishness, shortsightedness, conflict and historical manipulation. Living creatures hundreds of years old rooted up to make way for a symbol of separation, can only cause pain. A people full of pain; land full of pain.

It is the Holy Land because it has registered the footprints and revelation of most of the major representatives of our Creator. It is the most important place, it is the place that symbolizes our present and future. If we believe that people can overcome prejudices, that the human spirit reflects openness, nurturing and caring for others and that larger and larger groups of people are awakening to these possibilities, the world must turn its gaze to Israel. If we believe in these things, Israel must be the stage where these possibilities are to be expressed, to be played out.

Meanwhile I vigorously applaud the valiant souls that chained these ancient trees to this wall. Brilliant. May this be a message to the world that spiritual and ecological destruction shall not be tolerated anymore. I hope the wall decomposes before these trees do.

(Photo taken from
Karl's site)